Ty Dutton and Aundrea Parker/wedding/KR photography/ 7-11-15

dutton wedding-18 Untitled-1 dutton wedding-685 dutton wedding-683 dutton wedding-658 dutton wedding-505-1 dutton wedding-500 dutton wedding-495 dutton wedding-482 dutton wedding-474 dutton wedding-437 dutton wedding-433 dutton wedding-414 dutton wedding-386 dutton wedding-268 dutton wedding-239 dutton wedding-209 dutton wedding-195 dutton wedding-188 dutton wedding-173 dutton wedding-142 dutton wedding-140 dutton wedding-135 dutton wedding-126 dutton wedding-121 dutton wedding-118 dutton wedding-115 dutton wedding-111 dutton wedding-108 dutton wedding-100 dutton wedding-81 dutton wedding-48 dutton wedding-44-Edit dutton wedding-34 dutton wedding-30 dutton wedding-28 dutton wedding-24Ty Dutton and Aundrea Parker were married july 11, 2015 in Calhoun, Georgia. The day began with a major thunderstorm that destroyed a lot of the center pieces and left a destruction of the wedding ceremony site. The wedding was moved to a small gazebo where the couple said I Do.

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