Tiffany Spencer and John Earl Price Wedding~Grand Oaks Mannor, Cartersville, GA., May 10, 2014

grand oaks manor wedding tiffany lightroom-5 tiffany lightroom-22 tiffany lightroom-83 tiffany lightroom-94 tiffany lightroom-104 tiffany lightroom-119-1 tiffany lightroom-124 tiffany lightroom-263 tiffany lightroom-265 tiffany lightroom-267 tiffany lightroom-289 tiffany lightroom-365 tiffany lightroom-378 tiffany lightroom-441 tiffany lightroom-447 tiffany lightroom-472 tiffany_-83Tiffany Spencer and John Earl Price got married on May 10, 2014 at the beautiful Grand Oaks Manor in Cartersville, GA. Due to rain that day the wedding was held inside on the sun room porch.  The wedding coordinator was Janice Brown, Best man Andre Price, Maid of Honor LaToya James, officiate Aaron Carson, Caterer Ray Thacker, and Flowers by Nelda.  Grand Oaks manor has a beautiful bridal sweet and a beautiful garden for outside weddings and photos.

Cartersville Highschool Senior`~Cindy Rosa

Cindy Rosa-114 Cindy Rosa-91 Cindy Rosa-87 Cindy Rosa-78 Cindy Rosa-63 Cindy Rosa-54 Cindy Rosa-22 Cindy Rosa-14 Cindy Rosa-2                Cindy Rosa-14I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Cindy Rosa a senior at Cartersville High School.  She is graduating in a couple of days and wanted some senior pictures.  We tried to take pictures outside but due to the weather we had to do all studio.  Cindy is going to continue her education in the fall and will be attending KSU.  I wish you luck in your future.

Bryant and Jessica Crocker wedding~Cedar Plantation~Acworth GA

Cedar Plantation, Acworth GA cedar plantation acworth ga wedding, bride, cedar plantation bridemiads, cedart plantation IMG_6848 IMG_6935 IMG_7273 IMG_7584 IMG_7554 IMG_7655 IMG_7884 IMG_7925

Bryant and Jessica Crocker were married April 5, 2014 at Cedar Plantation in Acworth GA.  The wedding was an afternoon wedding.  Cedar Plantation is one of Georgia’s most beautiful Antebellum homes. The home dates back prior to the civil war. The wedding took place in the garden behind the home in the beautiful Gazebo followed by a reception  in the elegant home.  The food included potatos, fruit, coconut crusted chicken only to mention a small amount of the menu.

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